“You are truly a real estate matchmaker! No one believes the trade you pulled off with the sale of my Ocean Blvd. home! I had listed the property for over a year with another agent without results. While we made repairs and you were preparing marketing materials you suggested I take a look at a home down the street. You knew the seller wanted to trade up and I was looking to downsize. Our homes were similar and I liked the home so I agreed to have you contact his real estate agent regarding a possible trade. Needless to say, both parties loved each others homes and we agreed on the value of our homes and we had a smooth transaction. Trading homes in a great market is difficult, but to flawlessly execute a multi-million dollar trade in a down market is exemplary. Thank you for helping me pack, as well as, your gift of four hours of professional packing services. The exceptional personal service provided by you and your team certainly should be commended. You can definitely count on our recommendations for your services to our friends…”

—Sincerely, Chuck Mabry

“After 90 years of my family owning a beach cottage in Laguna, I was emotional about placing it on the market, but after my first meeting with Patsy, I felt Sotheby’s had sent the right agent for the job. In an already difficult market, the historical aspect of the cottage created even more of a roadblock for a smooth sale. Taking on the added responsibility of this complication, Patsy steadfastly navigated the rigid & frustrating local municipal codes for historic properties; investigating, interviewing & questioning historic preservationists and city planners to glean valuable information that would allow us to properly market the cottage. She found a reasonable and competent surveyor, consulted builders & engineers & studied the sales of other residential historic properties, working diligently with the city, and ultimately finding the perfect buyer. Our property was probably the most difficult of all Patsy’s listings, but she never gave up on the hurdles she had to jump. We cannot say enough about Patsy Metcalf. She is tenacious, reliable, hard-working, positive and motivated. She turned a difficult situation into a positive experience without hesitation or complaint. We regard her as a true and honest friend. Patsy has so much knowledge about the real estate market & historic home sales that she could easily be a mentor to other agents.”

—Janet and Gerry Walbaum